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About Us:

At Barkingside Methodist Church we try hard to ensure that we create an atmosphere where we all feel welcome and accepted and where everyone is valued for whom they are; to be a church where the good news of the Gospel is not only preached but lived out as well. We see our mission as being to the whole community as well as to those who are already involved in the life of our church. Our worship, outreach and mission are undertaken not only through all that we say and do but also through who we are.

Minister : Revd. Ermal Kirby

Ermal is also our Circuit Superintendent.

Barkingside is part of the Barking, Dagenham and Ilford Circuit and a member of the North Ilford Fellowship of churches and we support the work of the Manna House in Barkingside High Street, which involves many volunteers from NIFOC.

We support many charities including a struggling group of churches in Bangladesh and  the Safe Women’s Project which aims to help women in Ilford and Newham to exit prostitution. We also support Redbridge Voluntary Care who offer support to people needing care tasks such as transport, gardening and odd jobs.

Barkingside Methodist Church,

Fremantle Road,

Ilford, IG6 2AZ

Worship Sundays at 9.30 am, followed by refreshments